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MONDAY, MAY 04, 2015

Google Wants Mobile Friendly Websites – What Can Your Business Do Now?

It was expected and it has happened. Google has started rolling out its new algorithm. This time, it is not content farms that are being targeted. Instead, the focus is on websites that do not display correctly on mobiles. While marketeers are still arguing how big of an impact Google’s new algorithm has had have on mobile results, there is a consensus building up that a small number of mobile-friendly websites are improving their ranking.
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Enterprise Web Design — A Review of 2014

This year is drawing to a close. It’s like to review what changes have come into the world of enterprise web design and where it’s going.
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Professional Web Design Company Shares Four Essential Features of Enterprise Web Design

New web designs sprout every year. Although enterprises cannot include all of them in each redesign job, it is a good idea to talk to their professional web design company to find out what new inclusions can make their website more business friendly.
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Two most important factors to make your Enterprise-Level Website Great

A well-designed website speaks volumes about its enterprise. Often times a website is the first point of contact between an enterprise-level company and its potential customers.
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